05/21/2017 2:54am

Moving an entire house can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life, some studies compare the stress of moving as the same stress of a divorce. There is all the legal hassle, contracts, mortgages and so on; then there is the actual physical act of moving. F

07/12/2017 4:10am

This is totally perfect for us! We are here in Portland and we will transfer in Minnesota next month, but we don't have any plans on how can we transfer our things yet. I want to avail your service anytime soon! Can you give me an exclusive discount? Please reply to my comment if you mind, thank you!

08/24/2017 9:10pm

Learning how to play piano is one of my dreams. I have this thought that people who are smart and wise are the only ones who can play this instrument. A good friend of mine, however, has told me that it doesn't work that way. According to him, you can always learn how to play piano if your heart is really into it. Well, later on, I realized that he is right. I just have to put my heart into it so that I will be able to enjoy what I will be about to learn.

09/23/2017 9:27am

From house hunting and packing to moving day and settling in, check out these ... This checklist includes a number of financial


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